Questions about the 53.9% CTR videos

Well, not surprisingly, there's a lot of interest in the videos
I mentioned before the weekend which show you, amongst other
things, how to get a click through rate of 53.9%.

I know that some people couldn't get the link to work but the
problem seems to have been intermittent so it is worth trying again।

The videos walk you through a wide range of AdSense topics including
the all-important Ad Placement process and they include screen
shots of pages that have generated these very high click through

The systematic approach used looks carefully at the source of traffic
too and turns one aspect of traffic generation on its head: the
author recommends buying traffic targeted at the ADS on your site
rather than the CONTENT of your site.

The process is straightforward: you buy sustainable, low cost, pay
per click traffic using very low cost suppliers (7 suppliers are
recommended EXCLUDING Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter and Yahoo Search

You also go after high volume traffic areas and not very high paying
topics (the reasons for this are explained).

Equipped with a high click through rate site you can then be
sure to make a profit on the traffic cycle provided you have
tested your site and used the Channels facility in your AdSense
control panel to do this properly.

The full Channel set up and monitoring process is also explained
clearly and, if you implement the advice properly, it is hard
to see how you can go wrong.

That's a simplistic summary of the techniques demonstrated
and to get the meat you'll need to view them yourself.

You will also discover some neat but clearly powerful tricks
you can use that focus more attention on your ads whilst fully
complying with Google's requirements.

Finally of course you'll see how it is possible to make money
off 100% of your visitors and not "just" 53.9% of them.

Apart from the content, which is highly valuable, the style of
these videos is better than some I've viewed which makes the
learning process more pleasant too.

So who are they aimed at?

You don't need to be particularly proficient to learn from these
videos and to be able to implement the lessons. In fact, if you
have already got AdSense up and running, I think you'll have
no problem with them.

You will need some time to study them and make site changes

How implementable are they? (as one of my readers asked): I'd
say that on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being as hard as melting
butter on a hot stove and 10 being learning to drive, I'll
give them 2 to 3.

So it's really a question of how seriously you want to take your
AdSense business.

Actually no it's not.

It's really a question of how seriously you would take your AdSense
business if you were getting a 53.9% click through rate which
could be a lot more seriously than you take it now.

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