How to Get Back in AdSense

A number of web site owners are getting kicked out of the AdSense program when they have done nothing wrong to deserve such a punishment। Many are left wondering what they have done wrong and what can they do to get back in Adsense. Below is a few steps that you can use to attempt getting back in AdSense and also shows you how to minimize the chances of this problem becoming one of your own.

Click fraud is the most common reason people get kicked out of the AdSense program. It's also the first one we'll take a look at. Majority of web hosts offer access logs, if your web host offers access to logs make sure you hand this over to Google as well. This will allow Google to look for any suspicious activity on your site and shows Google that you take this problem seriously enough that you'll help them in anyway you can.

It also helps if you have click monitoring software, you should turn over all the information you receive from your click monitoring software to Google. You may want to go so far as disabling ads for your own IP address and local geographic area. This prevents accidents and makes sure Google doesn't mistake an other user as you. Do not ask visitors to click on your ads, Google's TOS (Terms Of Service) makes it clear that this is not allowed.

Keep AdSense off of popup or popunders. The ads should not be displayed on content that promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others. The ads also can't be displayed on content that's considered adult or on gambling content. If you are breaking any of those rules you should Immediately remove the content or AdSense from the web page.

Confess to Google about any times where you might have clicked on your own ads or otherwise where you did something that's against the TOS (Terms Of Service). Be honest and up front about anything you may have done that was wrong. If you lie they'll eventually learn or already know about it and you'll never get back in if that's the case. So be HONEST, nice and up front about everything!

Contact Google, don't just send off a random email to them. Be polite and honest. Provide anything that may be a help to them. Tell Google you are sorry and why this situation will not happen again in the future. It's important to point out the steps you have taken to prevent this from happening again later on, such as click monitoring software or blocking certain IP addresses.

How to minimize the chances of you getting kicked out.

The first step you should take is disable ads for your own IP address, this makes sure that the ads won't be displayed to you, which insures no accidents can happen. You can do this via a .htaccess file. You may also want to do the same thing for IP numbers coming from the same geographic area as yours. Google may mistake this as you clicking on your own ads and kick you out because of it.

If you don't already have click monitoring software you really should get one. There's no reason why you can't get one because most of them are free. Remember to report any activity that's odd. This shows Google you too are fighting against click fraud and are not part of it. Study your server logs and watch for any activity that's suspicious. As you should do with the click monitoring software, you should also report anything that's odd to them.

Don't tell your family or friends about AdSense on your web site. They may click on your ads to help you make more money without knowing that they could be doing more harm to you then good. And if you happen to tell a family member or friend or they somehow find out about it, make sure they understand that they can't click on your ads under any circumstance what so ever.

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