How to add photos to your Google Adsense ads

We all know that using Google Adsense is a fun and easy way to make money online। And, we know that the more clicks our ads receive, the more money we make. So, how do you increase your CTR?
Increasing your CTR (Click Through Ratio) is as easy as adding a few pictures above your ads. Here is how to do it:

I will assume that you have an Adsense account. If not, hop on over to Google to get one – it is FREE. I also have to assume that you know a little bit about making changes to your web pages. Making the changes to the Adsense ad is as easy as “Copy and Paste.”

Here is the code:

[table cellspacing="0" width="728" border="0" cellspadding="0"]
[td width="182"][img src="X" /][/td]
[td width="182"][img src="X" /][/td]
[td width="182"][img src="X" /][/td]
[td width="182"][img src="X" /][/td]
[td colspan="4"]

First thing to do is replace the brackets [] with less than/greater than symbols <>. “Find and Replace” in Word or Notepad is the easiest way to do this.

Then you will have to change “X” to the location of your pictures – so it will look something like
/images/abc.jpg or
This is where you have uploaded your 4 pictures. I recommend you resize them to 140X100 before you upload them. Use pictures that are related to your ads. Make sure that you don’t violate any copyright laws.

You will also have to replace the line “GOOGLE AD CODE HERE 728x90” with your Google Adsense code for a 728X90 Leaderboard. You can get this code at the Adsense content page. Tweak it a little to get the link, text, background, and border colors the way you want them and that should do it.

You can also do this for different size ads – experiment a little bit – but the main idea is to attract attention to your ads to get additional clicks.

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