The easiest way to manage your AdSense site?

If you decide to get into the affiliate marketing business you can
quickly lose
track of what products you are promoting under which program and what
you get from each sale.

You will also probably find that setting up appropriate links on your
web pages
so that you get credited for referrals that you make becomes a tedious
of web maintenance, and then, if you're like me you'll possibly lose
the log
on info from time to time and forget the support email address too.

If any of this sounds familiar, you might like to know about a program
has been built especially for web marketers. It lets you build content
which is good for AdSense of course, but it also helps you manage any
programs you get involved in.

It also helps you generate redirect pages so that you don't suffer from
theft and it tells you what changes you need to make to your pages to
get them
optimized for the search engines! No need to employ an SEO consultant

Ok, so that sounds useful - but how about getting a load of high
quality templates
too so that you can construct professional looking website in literally
an hour
or two. You also get a pop-under generator as well (Yes I know everyone
hates these
things but they do work).

Anyway, I bought this program for my own use and one of the benefits I
get from it is
that I can add new content in just a couple of minutes simply by typing
and clicking
a publish button. The software does all the other stuff for me like
logging on
to my hosting company, uploading new files and so on. It also lets me
add my AdSense
code in a few seconds without having to log on to Google and copy my
AdSense code over
which saves time.

Because this whole editing process is now so easy, I make a lot of
changes which is
good for Search engine optimisation and content building too.

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