AdSense - automation for the people

I've a friend who got really excited about AdSense when I explained
to him that you could make money simply by combining web content
with traffic and that Google would pay you.

He's a smart guy (lives quite near me actually in the UK) and he
immediately suggested that I should build a template system that
would let you build a load of websites really easily that you could
then add AdSense too in order to build up a steady stream of income

You can see the attractions of such a system, especially if you do
some math.

Suppose such a site made you 82c a day. It's not a lot but it adds
up to 300 dollars a year.

If a decent template system let you build such a site in a couple
of hours, then you'd essentially be working for 150 dollars an
hour which is great unless you are a lawyer already.

But wait a moment. It doesn't stop at the end of the first year
because your income could continue for after that year too.

You could actually get double this or more over time.

Anyway, I recently heard something via the grapevine that
sounded pretty close to an AdSense template solution.

I had some immediate questions.

- how did it work?
- where did the content come from?
- was it any good?
- was it expensive?

So I tracked down the designers – both Brits as it happens like
me – and phoned them up for a chat. In the end I was about an
hour on the phone and I've spoken to them three more times since.

These guys, Paul and Matt, run a large number of websites
and were getting totally fed up with the time they had to spend
to maintain them. So they decided to automate the whole process.
(Sounds easy, IS hard) Their system was designed for conventional
businesses ventures and it certainly delivers excellent value

But they were alert to another possibility: letting their
system loose on the internet marketing community and specifically
to AdSense publishers. That is what our interest is.

In my discussions I learnt the following about the system.

1.It works with AdSense: it lets you add your own AdSense code
to your whole site in a few seconds. And you can then change
the layout of your ads, the colors etc. in a few seconds
anytime you want.

2. You can change the whole layout of your site in a matter of
minutes, no matter how many pages it has in it.

3. You don't need to fiddle about with any HTML because it
works with normal text and let's you switch this into Headings,
bold type etc with the click of a button.

4. It automatically builds and MAINTAINS a site map for you,
something I am absolutely terrible at and which lets me down
all the time (internal links increase SEO effectiveness as
well as the number of pages a typical visitor browses. More
pages seen = more AdSense ads = more AdSense clicks.)

5. It creates every sort of pop under, popover, pop on exits, you
could imagine automatically. Love them or hate them they do
work: I've tested them.

6. It tells you where you've gone wrong with SEO so that you can
correct each page fast (no point in writing a nice page,
shoving in your AdSense code and then finding no one goes there)

7. Automatic document splitting, cool feature this one, it
lets you break up long documents into short web pages that all
link to each other automatically. In other words you can
auto-generate content from long documents as easily as turning
on a tap. Don't forget you can often find well-written articles
online that you can add to your website free of charge.

8. Do you have any affiliate links? Well, if you do, you can add
new affiliate programs to your site in such a way that it
becomes really simple to manage them: you just tell the system
where to put the links and it looks up the details in a table so
you only have to add your affiliate code once for a whole site.

Saves losing income to typos too.

9. Back ups! I bet you don't back up your website properly. Well
now you can by pressing a button. Beat that.

So the fact is that the template system we all could do with is
now available and you can use it for as many sites as you want –
not just AdSense ones.

It's not expensive.

It is easy to use and it's ideal if you want to roll out
multiple income streams fast. It's also a lot more sophisticated
than you might think. In fact I think the whole thing is
ridiculously underpriced.

Think about it: build 2 sites a week and you could be looking
at 30,000 dollars a year extra automated income. With this system
two sites a week is perfectly manageable.

I think that's a big deal unless you are already pulling in a
7 figure income.

It will take you hard work and it definitely isn't for everyone.
I also can't guarantee you'll succeed but this system gives you
one hell of a good chance particularly if you are determined.

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