Google adsense new ad management overview

As usual ever day i sign in to my adsense account to see how much revenue i made. I am very sure any blogger who is an adsense publisher do the same routine. And as usual i received new message from adsense about new ad management overview. This features will be rolling out in a phases in another few weeks. Just wait and see the changes in our publisher account for adsense latest feature.

Finally, the re-paste work is over. When i made a changes in my adsense ad, i need to re-paste the adsense code at my site too. But this time, google adsense seems to know what their publisher thinking. The new ad management feature allow it user to save details about an AdSense unit, including ad size, colors, and channel settings, on google adsense servers. Keeping the details on servers is much better than in the ad code on your pages, you can make changes to the AdSense units on your pages from within your account. Don't you think this is really good news!

Now google offer an option for us to create new AdSense units which we can customize and update within our account to see changes directly on our site. Example, when i creating new AdSense unit, details of the ad unit (like colors and channels) will be stored in my AdSense account. This gives me faster, simpler ad management, allowing me to make changes to an AdSense unit instantly without needing to re-paste the ad code or make additional changes to the page itself. The option to manage ads from within our account is only available for adsense for content units for the time being.

Just wait and see google adsense next level.