Earn More by Section Targeting Google Adsens

Ever wonder why the your Google Adsense ads don't make good sense at all. In this article I will teach you about section targeting to insure that your Google Ads match up with the content of your web pages.

What is section targeting?

Section targeting allows you to suggest sections of your text and HTML content that you'd like Google to emphasize or downplay when matching ads to your site's content.

By providing Google with your suggestions, you can assist them in improving your ad targeting. Only those familiar with HTML should attempt to implement section targeting. To implement section targeting, you'll need to add a set of special HTML comment tags to your code. These tags will mark the beginning and end of whichever section(s) you'd like to emphasize or de-emphasize for ad targeting.

The HTML tags to emphasize a page section take the following format:

You can also designate sections you'd like to have ignored by adding a (weight=ignore) to the starting tag:

With these tags added to your HTML code, your final code may look like the following:

This is the text of your webpage. Most of your content resides here.

You can use section targeting to make suggestions about as many sections of a page as you like. However, please be aware that results are not guaranteed, and that it may take up to 2 weeks before website crawlers take into account any changes you've made to your site.

In order to properly implement this feature, you'll need to include a significant amount of content within the section targeting tags. Including insufficient content may result in less relevant ads or PSAs. In addition, please keep in mind that this feature should only be used to emphasize significant sections of your site's relevant content. It is against Google's program policies to manipulate the ad targeting to result in ads that are not relevant to the content of your pages.