Say Goodbye to A Penny A Day AdSense Earnings Forever

AdSense earnings are the lifeblood of many internet marketers and the metaphorical thorn in the side for others. Often, despite their best efforts, some webmasters simply can not generate substantial AdSense earnings, and to be constantly bombarded with the success stories of others has moved beyond inspiring into irritating. Fortunately, many successful marketers are now sharing genuinely successful strategies for success in internet marketing, particularly using AdSense. If you have been frustrated with seemingly accidental AdSense earnings, this is the time to move beyond that frustration into success.

True success, be it on the internet or and other venture, is simply taking a systemic approach to problems repeatedly. Specifically, internet marketers must decide what they need (or want) to do, develop a realistic plan of action, make any number of attempts to find success using the plan, reach success, and then repeat the process. While some professionals are well known as being highly skilled in many fields, this is not the path for most of us. Find what works and repeat – again, and again, and again.

Finding a Purpose

To begin a new venture in hopes of greater AdSense earnings, it is important to find a purpose other than simply the monetary rewards. Internet customers are savvy and will see right through any simple money making schemes. To be successful, it is important to create a site or blog with personal interest. Your work should be in an area where you can devote the time and effort to feel true ownership of that material and to pass that feeling of ownership onto your visitors.

If you create blogs or sites which reflect your own passion or interests, the quality of the material produced will automatically be superior to the websites designed specifically for moneymaking schemes. Repeat visitors are every webmaster’s dream, but you must give those visitors and readers something to come back to. Passionate and informed content is required for this purpose.

Making a Plan

If you have determined your purpose, it is time to develop a course of action. Presumably, you have an idea of your website’s overall function and the topics which the site will contain, but it is important to match your ideas with the marketplace. Industry and market research should be the basis of the planning stage. Remember, your plan should be about building the website, not simply about AdSense earnings.

Quantity is assured throughout the industry, but a high-quality website will launch ahead of almost eighty percent of the competition. Research the gaps within industry niches and streamline your general ideas and topic into one of those gaps. If there is an existing need, your website will be positioned strongly simply by the economics of supply and demand.

You can locate gaps and niches by studying and selecting the most relevant keywords to optimize for your site, and by studying the competition. Remember, there is no purpose in doing what everyone else is doing. Find a way to approach an industry or topic differently and more effectively than the competition.

Try, Try Again

The purpose is in place, and the plan is sound. Be aware that even the best plan might take some time to get off the ground. It is more common to fail in business than to succeed, so don’t let discouragement set in. If your first, third, or tenth attempt proves to be less than desirable all around, including AdSense earnings, find the areas that are having some success, build those up, and tweak the nonperformance areas for improvement.

It is easy to fall into the trap of providing low or moderate quality content in hopes of being spidered more quickly or tapping into the benefits of page rankings. Remember, however, that customers will not come back if there is nothing for them to come back to. Write for people, not machines. Prepare meaningful content, not something so laden with keywords it no longer makes sense. Spiders don’t click through ads generating your desired AdSense earnings, faithful readers do. Make the site for your readers, and you will be well ahead of the rest of the pack.


If you have committed yourself to creating quality material with a genuine value and purpose for your readers, everything will fall into place. To speed the process along, you should always do a bit of public relations and marking for your new creation in the form of press releases and article distribution. This is especially true if your website is primarily article or blog based.

What better way to showcase the quality of your material than by distributing it for others? Build the website with a specific purpose in mind, other than your AdSense earnings of course, and if you follow through on the commitment to excellence, success will follow. Your website will gain popularity through more important means than simple searches in the search engines. Word of mouth and recognition for other notables within the industry will drive the success of your program, and the monetizing attempts you’ve included, such as AdSense earnings, will simply grow with the site.


Success indicates a solid business model. The tracking you’ve done throughout the discovery process is now crucial to repeating that success. Maintain the same goal of material with genuine value, but take your plan to the next interest.

Isolate a few keywords within another interest or passion, and use your business plan to drive the new niche to success. As each website or blog develops a following, AdSense earnings will grow along with the site’s popularity. Each additional success will simply add to your arsenal of high-quality, heavily trafficked, monetized websites, and you will bask in the warmth of success at last.

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