Widgets and Blidgets

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Isn't this widget looking cool. You can put this widget on your site for free and get a good source of content for your site you just have to click get widget.

I know you must be wondering what is this widget and how to make it. Friends I will teach you how to make your own widget.

Widgets are everywhere on the screen of your PC (when it is on, of course). Buttons, labels, panels, edit boxes are interface components and “interface component” is just another name of the thing that is called “widget”. Widgets can be simple like labels or complex like spreadsheets. Some of them consist of thousands of another widgets, some of them are atomic and implemented only with underlying API. On the web, a thing which I’m constantly talking about, the “underlying API”, or methods that the developer can use for widget building, includes HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CCS, Ajax and many other technologies. The Clock on the top left corner is also a widget.

A lot of widgets have been already created and you can use almost all of them in your Web applications. The market leaders offer you robust toolkits with widget sets that contain general-purpose interface components like buttons, textboxes, trees. Some of them also include components for supporting various animation effects. A few teams focus mainly on one widget: rich editors or accessible menu. These teams create excellent components, but an advantage of the toolkit widget sets is an integration. Toolkit widgets can work together on one form: controls, validators, I/O classes can be easily placed and configured on a Web page.

So, if there are a lot of existent components, why to create new widgets? The answer rises when you want to reuse a group of tightly connected interface components of your application. It can be very simple and trivial solution to use “copy/paste” reusing when you want to reuse the code only once, but each such duplication increases maintenance time. Each defect in the duplicated code should be fixed twice. When you remember where a second copy of the code is. Or, which I wish never happen, a third one.

Friends you can also convert your blog into a widget as I have done.What you have to do is go to the site http://www.widgetbox.com and in that you make your free account and then start making your widgets.

If you want my blidget to be placed on your website then click on get widget or click on the get my blog as widget on the left side.

There is another term blidget. This is nothing but widget of a blog which you saw in the begging of my article.

Hope this information will be helpful to you.


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