Generous AdSense alternative

Something a little different today: a neat alternative /
addition to AdSense.

Called AuctionAds it is a free-to-join system that creates ads
that you can tailor to fit to your site's look and feel. It
delivers geo-targetted ads automatically and makes you money by
generating ebay commissions for you without all the bother of
having to sign up for ebay's affiliate program.

Ebay is surprisingly generous with its commission program and
you could make a lot more with this system than you can with
AdSense, especially if you have a site that deals with high value
items because what you earn relates directly to the value of
whatever is being advertised.

Here's are the details taken from ebay's affiliate info pages:-

"Earn between 40% and 65% of eBay's Revenue (not item sale price)
on Winning Bids or Buy It Now (BIN) transactions."

"Earn between $12.00 and $22.00 for each new eBay active user"

AuctionAds also includes a neat affiliate arrangement that
grants you 2% of the earnings of anyone who signs up via your
link for a period of 6 months.

That's not hugely generous and personally I'd offer lifetime
commissions but what is good about it is that each Auction Ad you
display advertises the service, just as AdSense ads do.

Below the ads are the words "Ads by AuctionAds" rather like
the wording "Ads by Google" that appear under your AdSense

But with AuctionAds, if anyone clicks on that link to learn more
about AuctionAds, they go to the AuctionAds site via YOUR
affiliate link.

So you get the direct benefit of the referral, something which
doesn't happen with AdSense ads where a lot of your page space
is taken up advertising a service that only Google benefits from.

The drawbacks: you have to set the keywords that will select
your ads which means the process of setting ads up takes a
little bit longer (although this does give you tight control
over what type of ads you'll get). Also, you are limited to
image ads only.

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