A Different Approach of Building a Google AdSense Site

Google AdSense income is great income for people with all sorts of websites. Most people start their AdSense business by setting up a website and then run Google AdSense ad on this new web site. They then use all sorts of marketing techniques to promote this new website and start making money from this website. This is a normal approach use to start a Google AdSense business. However there is an alternative approach to this.

In contrary to normal approach, you decide the niche market you want to target before you decide a theme for your AdSense site. You can find a competitive niche market by doing a search using the common keywords of the targeted niche market. A search for a common keyword in a competitive niche market should show a multitude of pay per clicks ads of different products and services from different companies in the search engine result. Then you should find out which high value keywords these companies are using for their pay per click advertising campaign. After you’ve found the target niche market and high value keywords, you can build your AdSense site by creating quality content around these keywords.

How do you know which are the high paying keywords?

The easiest way for you to find out how much the Advertisers are paying for keywords is be the advertiser yourself. You can use keyword suggestion tools to find a list of keywords that these companies may use. Then you bid for these keywords using your own Google Adwords account. You can then determine a list of high value keywords by recording how much you need to pay in order for you to get the top ad position.

As soon as you’ve determine the high-paying keywords, you can start building your AdSense site around these keywords. You can create unique, quality and keyword rich content that is related to those products and services in your targeted niche market. Optimized your site based on SEO checklist and then promote your AdSense site using different marketing techniques such as advertise on ezines, viral marketing techniques, Search Engine Advertising, online directories listing and PR. Your search engine optimized AdSense site is most likely to rank top in the search engine results. This will likely to attract people who are looking for more information on those products or services they want to purchase via online. This will give you the traffic you need for your AdSense site.

This approach works better than the normal approach because your site will attract people who are likely to click on AdSense ads on your site. Since the content on your web site is targeted on high-paying keywords, the AdSense ads on your new site are likely to be linked to these keywords. With a good click through rate and high-paying AdSense ads show on your site, your AdSense earnings will be better.

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